The coffee region of Colombia: the real Paradise of mountain bike

This region is known locally as “El eje Cafetero” because its mountains produce the highest amount of coffee from the best quality in the world.

The mountain biker who rides through the biodiverse coffee mountains of Colombia will have the opportunity to contemplate beautiful plantations  of coffee, banana and sugar cane, will cross by creeks and waterfalls as in the middle of the jungle with miraculous caves, there will be giant tropical trees given over to the lasciviousness of the climbers that give shade during the tours and we will have the fortune to observe the colorful houses of the coffee farms whose unique architecture is the cultural symbol of the region. The scenario of this region is so unique and beautiful that UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared the coffee region of Colombia as a world heritage and called it the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

The Arrieros or muleteers were the people who during the colonization of the coffee region of Colombia were responsible for the transportation of all kinds of food and supplies using horses, mules, donkeys and oxen. In that time there were no roads and absolutely everything was transported by wild roads or trails that only the most experienced arrieros managed to tame. These bridlepaths are locally known as Horseshoe Roads! which were the highways during the colonization of the coffee region of Colombia.

Nowadays, many of the old bridlepaths that the muleteers built in the mid-1830s still persist. These roads are the valuable natural and cultural heritage that the team of Trail Hunters wants to rescue and make available to all lovers of MTB or All Mountain of the world. The Trail Hunters team is convinced that these old singletracks have the ideal conditions for the practice of the MTB in a safe and exciting way.

How beautiful life is for the riders who gets to know Colombia! Riders will perceive the true emotions of life fullness that are generated by descending these beautiful tropical singletracks. We, mountain bikers, are true lovers of these seductive singletracks that hide the mountains of the Andean region of Colombia!

There is only one life and Colombia is definitely the promised land of the All Mountain that every true rider must know. Take your bike, contact us and we will descend together the tropical Andes of Colombia.