Trail Hunters is protected under Law 300 where it reserves the right to assess reasons of force majeure for not participating in the reserved and / or contracted activity. As well as the circumstances that may give rise to a request for a refund of money. 

Trail Hunters is committed to handling the greatest number of variables that may occur in the course, but can not guarantee 100% compliance with the selected route. Variables such as health states, moods, climate change, other situations can generate an interruption that does not allow the activity to fully develop. Trail Hunters will be in absolute disposition for you to live a great experience. 

  • Cancellation by Trail Hunters

All our bike tours are private, which means that you and your group of friends only attend. Once the reservation is made, the departure will be guaranteed; which will allow them to start organizing everything necessary to live an unforgettable experience. Therefore, we will never cancel the start for a low number of riders. 

  • Cancellation by the rider

You can cancel your reservation and request a refund of your deposit within 7 days after the date on which the reservation was made; keep in mind that the respective discounts of the expenses incurred will be made (for example: interbank costs, differences in exchange rates, etc.).

After that time if there is a cancellation of the reservation without any justification, a refund of 50% of the total value of the activity is made; if something unexpected arises for just cause (death, hospitalization, accident duly certified) and you or someone in the group needs to cancel it, contact us to reschedule a new date; In the event that one or more riders need to cancel, the value of the difference in fare will be applied to the riders who continue and for the rider (s) who cancel they will be assigned that credit for a new bike tour or they will be given the return of 80% of the money, this is because we make hotel reservations in advance and, in some cases, we reserve transfers and make other travel arrangements that can not be refunded.

If an emergency occurs and you must leave the bike tour before, we can not provide any kind of refund. We recommend that you purchase trip interruption insurance to cover emergencies and unexpected travel costs, if necessary.

  • Weather

The weather is out of our control for this reason, in no case can be recast as a result of bad weather conditions that may have affected the quality of the assembled.

  • Accidental events, political disturbances and other problems that affect the departure of the trip

On very rare occasions, a situation arises beyond our control, such as natural disasters, political disturbances or other similar events that may affect our ability to offer a safe and enjoyable bike tour. In this case, we consult with the local authorities to determine the possibility of a safe bike tour. Our cancellation policy is as follows: – If the local authorities consider that the bike tour can continue without an undue risk to the safety of our riders, then the bike tour will continue and if the rider decides to cancel, this is treated as a cancellation by part of the rider. If we consider that it would not be safe to continue as scheduled, then the bike tour is canceled and we will schedule another outing of the same bike tour, or a full credit to use on any of our other bike tours. Rest assured that your safety from our riders is our main concern and we will not make a trip if we consider that your safety will be compromised.