The Andean region of Colombia: the promised land for MTB

For decades mountains such as the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Canadian Rocky mountains have been the ideal scenarios for the practice of “All Mountain”. However, the Trail Hunters team is convinced that South America under the shadow of the tropical sky hides the true paradise, the promised land, the nirvana for the MTB. This paradise of mountain biking is located in the tropical Andes of northern South America, an area known as the Andean Region of Colombia.

Why does the Andean region of Colombia have the ideal conditions for MTB over other regions of South America? The Andean region of Colombia does not have seasons, which means that you can practice MTB at any time of the year, wich means a permanent spring. The Andes mountain range reaches its greatest geomorphological complexity in Colombia, where it’s divided into three main mountain ranges (the western, central and eastern mountain ranges), separated by the sedimentary basins of the valleys of the Cauca and Magdalena rivers. These mountain ranges cross the whole of Colombia from south to north, which makes a large part of the Colombian territory mountainous and therefore ideal for MTB.

The complex Colombian mountains hide singletracks for MTB that exceed the 30 km of length of pure descent and present trails greater than 2000 meters of unevenness. Feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction of triumph pursue bikers when they manage to descend this singletracks.

Trail Hunters team invites all Mountain Bike lovers to find their adventurous heart in this tropical paradise called Colombia. Adventures are inside you, “Let it be”, let the team of Trail Hunters take care of them. Take your faithful partner “the mountain bike”, contact us and we will ride together the best trails of Colombia.