Have you ever managed to reach a lost elevation of 3,000 meters in just 35 kilometers in a single day ride?

El Desquite Trail

The «El Desquite» trail stands as Colombia’s ultimate challenge for mountain bikers, catering to both downhill (DH) enthusiasts and enduro-all mountain riders, offering a remarkable test of skill and endurance through its intense elevation loss within a single day. Spanning a mere 35 kilometers, this trail allows riders to descend an astonishing 3,000 meters in altitude. It’s no wonder that the El Desquite Trail has garnered global acclaim, drawing mountain bike enthusiasts to Manizales city, located near the Los Nevados National Park, specifically to embark on downhill (DH) and enduro-all mountain tours designed to conquer this unique trail.

El Desquite» unquestionably earns its reputation as the quintessential all-mountain experience, owing to its immensely diverse terrain and topography. From treacherous rock gardens that demand precision to exhilarating slides that challenge control, from navigating tight hairpin turns to mastering treacherously slippery sections, this trail encompasses a comprehensive range of challenges. The slopes, which at times boast a jaw-dropping incline exceeding 45.2°, promise an adventure that injects pure, unadulterated adrenaline into the veins of those daring enough to embark on the enduro-all mountain tours.

customized and all inclusive Mountain bike MTB tour in Colombia: Salento, Manizales and Medellin. Enduro, Cross Country (XC) and Down Hill (DH)

The El Desquite trail commences its journey from the frigid, snow-cloaked heights of the legendary Paramo de Letras, situated at an awe-inspiring elevation of nearly 4,000 meters above sea level within the buffer zone of the Los Nevados National Natural Park. Its ultimate destination lies amidst the warmth of the sub-Andean jungle, known as the coffee zone. This trail provides an impeccable setting for indulging in the thrill of mountain biking in the dynamic Enduro-All Mountain style. With its breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled descents, coupled with challenging ascents and descents along rugged pathways, this trail guarantees a mountain biking experience that promises both delight and lasting memories.

Embarking on an MTB Enduro – All Mountain tour to conquer the El Desquite trail offers the opportunity to encounter intricate technical sections. These segments cater to the expertise of seasoned riders, enabling them to unleash their full potential, while also accommodating less advanced riders, ensuring a safe yet enjoyable journey. This route presents an ideal fusion of technical descents and demanding ascents, catering to riders who seek the exhilarating combination of both.

If you are a bike rider and are located in the coffee region of Colombia (Salento, Armenia, Pereira, Manizales or Filandia) or have planned to visit it, is the time to summon the courage to take on this arduous and exacting Colombian trail! Undoubtedly, if you take an MTB tour that involve El Desquite trail, it will be a day teeming with unfettered adventure, leaving an indelible mark on your mountain biking pursuits.