Frequently Asked Question


How to arrive to Colombia?

It is recommended to arrive to Colombia by international airport of Pereira city called “Matecaña” (Risaralda department) or by  international airport of Armenia city called “El Eden” (Quindío department). However, arrival to Colombia can also be done by international airport of Bogotá city called “El Dorado” (capital of Colombia, Cundinamarca department) or by international airport of Medellín city called “José Maria Córdova” (Antioquia Department).

We can pick you up at any airport or bus station of the Coffee Region (Armenia, Pereira or Manizales)  and we will take you to the accommodation where we will get ready for the adventure. Contact us to plan your itinerary before and after our tours.

Which are the Colombia entry requirements? 

Most foreign citizens to enter the country only require a valid passport without having to have a special visa. Check the following link for countries that in addition to the passport require a visa. At the same time, you can check more information at your local embassy.

What vaccines are required to enter Colombia?

The only vaccine required to enter Colombia is yellow fever. This vaccine is only required in the case of visiting any of the areas considered risk corresponding to the departments of La Guajira, Norte de Santander, Putumayo and the regions of Llanos Orientales, La Amazonía, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Costa Atlántica. We also recommend you visit the MD Travel Health destination Colombia page to learn more about health recommendations.

Which is the official currency in Colombia?

The official currency in Colombia is the Colombian peso (COP). The exchange of currency is advisable to do it in money exchange houses in airports and banks. The exchange rate fluctuates day by day. The settlement is based on the official rate of the day a discount on the commission and services that range between 2% and 3%. In the following link you will find information about the exchange rate in the currency converter.

How is security in Colombia?

Many people wonder if traveling to Colombia is safe or if in our country they will feel calm and comfortable. The answer is very simple, travel to Colombia is safe. Like most countries in the world, you can be in danger if you are in certain places of the big cities or you are not attentive to what happens around you. In this sense, the routes and accommodations of our Mountain bike tours are specially planned and designed to make our riders feel completely comfortable and safe, in which they can get the best benefit during the entire stay of their trip. Fortunately, Colombia has solved its internal conflicts for several years ago, now this country is a great treasure to be explored and traveled. We could say with certainty that it is the best kept secret of South America. In this way, feel calm to travel without fear and confidence because Colombia is a beautiful place to enjoy, laugh, meet and discover new wonderful experiences, in this case doing something truly exciting: riding a bike. 

Should I bring my own bicycle?   

It is not strictly necessary that you bring your own bicycle because we can rent one for you with an additional price. With the regular bikes, we encourage riders to bring their own bike (for comfort and agility); however, we can rent you a top bike with your size. In the case of e-bikes, you should check first with your airline about the possibility of bringing them, taking into account the weight and the material of the battery.

What type of bike do I need?

It is absolutely essential that you take the proper and specialized bike for each type of bike tour. If you are going to take a bike tour of Enduro MTB you must have a specialized bike for this activity. The same goes for the Cross Country. It is not allowed to make our bike tours either Cross Country or All Mountain bikes that lack front suspension, that do not have disc brakes and have smooth tires.

Also, keep in mind that it is your responsibility that the bike you will use must be in perfect condition from the mechanical point of view at the time of the tour.

What physical and technical level should I have?

Keep in mind that our Mountain Bike Tours are not aimed at riders who have no previous experience with the Cross Country and / or Enduro MTB. Due to the technical and physical demands of our bike tours, only riders who have at least some experience in mountain biking will be accepted. For the practice of Cross Country it is essential to have a good physical condition and an acceptable technical level. However, our recommendation is that participants carefully read the description of each bike tour to be sure that a route was chosen according to the physical and technical capabilities of each rider.

What clothes should I use?

Keep in mind that the normal thing in the tropics is that the weather conditions can change quickly. That is, it is highly probable that in the same day we have rain, sun, cold and heat. Therefore, we have to have the right clothes to face such climate changes.

It is important to note that a large part of our bike tours involve stays in the upper reaches of the Andes mountain range. In these places the rain is high and the temperature is very low. Therefore, it is essential to wear a sports jacket, gloves and more importantly a waterproof coat or jacket. For no reason should we get wet if we are above 2800 m.a.s.l. Read carefully the description of each bike tour to bring the right clothes.

What elements of protection should I carry?

In all our bike tours it is essential to use protective elements such as the helmet, glasses and gloves. No riders will be allowed to ride without these basic protection elements. In addition, to make the MTB Enduro bike tours you must use knee and elbow protections.

What is the bike tours price? 

Taking into account that our bike tours are private the price depends on the number of riders that will be part of your group. Tell the Trail Hunters team through the forms found on the website or via email ( the number of riders who will live this adventure and the chosen Mountain bike tour. A Trail Hunters rider will contact you, to send the prices and the corresponding information. 

What happens if I do not have a group?

Do not worry! Our bike tours are designed to be done even from a single rider.

How can I book and pay for a bike tour?

When you have decided the bike tour of your choice tell the Trail Hunters team through the forms found on the website or through the email ( the chosen Mountain bike tour, the number of riders and the date where you would like to do it. A Trail Hunters rider will contact you to send you a payment link in which you can make the corresponding reservation.

How can I cancel a bike tour that I have already booked?

Contact the Trail Hunters team through the forms found on the website or via email (, we will immediately proceed to manage the cancellation of the bike tour according to our cancellation policy.

What happens if I have an accident during the bike tour?

All our bike tours have a medical assistance card included for the duration of the bike tour. In the event that you can not continue with the programming, our cancellation policy will be effective.  .

How is the type of accommodation, shared or individual?

Accommodation is in private rooms for two to four riders, depending on the number of riders.

How is the food during the bike tour?

The food is typical of the region and adapted to the requirements necessary for you to have a good ride. Therefore, if you present any restriction with any type of food let us know so we can adapt it to your needs.

Is there a problem if I am a vegetarian?

As we know that food is one of the top priorities of our riders, being a vegetarian or having a special requirement in food will not be a problem in your decision to participate in our Mountain Bike Tours. We have a balanced and nutritious diet typical of the region that fits your requirements and food priorities so you have a good shot during your adventure on a bicycle. Therefore, if you have any restriction in your diet or you are a vegetarian, write us in advance the food you want or you need to eat and the Trail Hunters team will take care of having that food at the time of the tour, in order that your Special needs in the diet are not an impediment when it comes to enjoying in our country.

Do I have access to the internet in the different accommodations of the bike tour?

Although all our accommodations are located in rural areas and in contact with nature so that you have a pleasant and peaceful rest, at each stay of the tour we will have access to energy to charge your electronic equipment and in turn we have Wi-Fi connection for you connect with your loved ones and with the world at any time you need it.

In what language do the bike tours take place?

Our bike tours are mainly done in two languages: English and Spanish. We have specialized bilingual guides that will make you spend an incredible time and enjoyable throughout your bike ride. In case you do not speak any of these two languages write us in advance to find an interpreter that suits your specific language; this requirement will have an additional cost.