COLOMBIA: The real paradise of mountain bike Trail Hunter: What will be your next challenge? Colombia: The real paradise of mountain bike Trail hunter: What will be your next challenge?


We have the best Mountain bike tours in Colombia. Find this lost paradise for the mountain cyclist  in the Latinoamerican Andes

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It´s focused on descending through singletracks. These tours have ascent without a lot of effort and could have car assistance.


It´s focused on uncovered roads so we could ride a few or any singletrack depending on the route you choose.


It´s focused on various terrains. These tours culd have demanding climbs, crossing sections and descents that can be the level of a downhill track.



Why does the Andean region of Colombia have the ideal conditions for ride the best Mountain bike tours over other regions of Latin America? The Andean region of Colombia does not have seasons, which means that you can practice the mountain bike (MTB) at any time of the year, which means a permanent spring.

The Andes mountain range reaches its greatest geomorphological complexity in Colombia, where it’s divided into three main mountain ranges (the western, central and eastern mountain ranges), separated by the sedimentary basins of the valleys of the Cauca and Magdalena rivers.

Mountain bike tour in Colombia

These mountain ranges cross the whole of Colombia from south to north, which makes a large part of the Colombian territory mountainous and therefore ideal for the practice of All Mountain.

MOuntain bike tours in Colombia

Come and meet with us the mountainous region around the best city to ride the best Mountain bike tours in ColombiaManizales, considered the city with the highest quality of life in Colombia. It is located on hillsides that surround the immaculate whiteness of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, Nevado Santa Isabel and El Cisne. Manizales is recognized in Colombia as the capital of mountain biking. It hides a lot of routes and singletracks with the ideal conditions to ride safe and have fun.

Where do you want to ride? We have options for all physical and technical levels so you can decide if you want to go to the high páramos of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano or to the warm banks of the Cauca River.

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We are convinced that bike passion is one of the best ingredients for happiness and we are sure that Colombia has the best scenarios to practice Mountain Bike so we want to show the world the best trails and the most beautiful landscapes. We have designed the routes and arranged the logistics for real adventure so that any rider can come over and enjoy what Colombia has to offer, you only have worry about one thing: Enjoy to the fullest!


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