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Mountain bike tours in Manizales

The scenario of the present Mountain Bike Tour is the mountainous region around the beautiful city of Manizales (department of Caldas), considered the city with the highest quality of life in all of Colombia, it is located on hillsides that surround the immaculate whiteness of the Nevado Volcano del Ruiz, the snow-capped Santa Isabel and Cisne. Manizales is recognized in Colombia as the capital of the mountain and among the mountain bikers it is recognized as the capital of the Enduro MTB (All Mountain), since it hides numerous singletracks with the ideal conditions to travel in a safe and fun way.  

This must-see Mountain Bike Tour of All Mountain is composed of eight demanding and challenging singletracks.


Trail Hunters | Mountain Bike Tours | Manizales


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Trail Hunters | Mountain Bike Tours | Manizales


Bike Tours Manizales

What is included?

Snacks and hydration during the bike tour

Transfers and assistance only during the tour

Specialized bilingual Mountain Bike guides (Spanish and English)

Photos and videos to tell the world the best experience of your life

Medical assistance card during the tour

Lunch at the end of the tour

What is not included?

Glasses, gloves, knee protection and elbow protection

What is not specified runs on your own

Difficulty level

If you want to encourage yourself to do this adventure you need this minimum of criteria:

Physical level: you are a bike rider. You usually ride at least once or twice a week. You have already acquired at least 1 year of experience on your bike and you have no problems doing routes that have 25 to 50 Kilometers of mountain and an elevation gain of 1000 meters.

Level of technical ability: This cyclist has adrenaline in his veins. You like single tracks and presses to go fast. You can make small jumps and cross through “drops” of 30 cms without problem. You have or can participated in enduro or downhill competitions in rookie or sport categories and you have felt comfortable.


Start time: 8:00 AM

End Time: Between 03:00 PM and 04:00 PM

We are going to start our MTB enduro tour in the morning pedaling from the city of Manizales. No doubt this day will be a great adventure because we are going to descend four famous singletracks. We are going to descend the famous singletracks of “El Bisoño”, “El infernal” and “Colibrí”, these are trails with extreme slopes and sharp curves that will test all your technique and knowledge of MTB Enduro. 

Mountain bike tours in Colombia

We will also have the privilege of descending “La Garrucha”, a singletrack that crosses farms. This singletrack has a total length of 3.1 km and a drop of 446 meters. Bisoño and El Infernal are singletracks that have been the scene of numerous national Enduro MTB and Downhill championships. Between 2 and 3 in the afternoon we ae going to take a well-deserved lunch. After resting a little and drinking a delicious coffee, we are going to come back to the accommodation by transport.


Taking into account that our bike tours are private, the price depends on the number of riders that will be part of your group. Do not worry if you do not have a group, our bike tours are designed to be done even from a single rider.

Contact the Trail Hunters team through the forms found on the website or through the email:, tell us the number of riders who will live this adventure, the chosen bike tour and the date in what you would like to do; A Trail Hunters rider staff will contact you to send you the prices and the corresponding information.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Manizales Bike Park

  1. Mikel Valdiviezo

    Soy español y he viajado hasta Manizales para montar en bici. Contraté a Trail Hunters para poder montar en una de Enduro/DH.
    El guía es un profesional de la bicicleta y como monitor es aún mejor, te ayuda a bajar sin tener ningún tipo de problema, siempre teniendo en cuenta el nivel de cada rider; este solicita que nivel quiere de bajada y escoje entre las diferentes opciones propuestas.
    Me llevó a una finca bananera donde pude disfrutar de las más exquisitas frutas que he probado nunca, y después también me llevó a comer a una hacienda cafetera donde pude disfrutar de las mejores vistas y de un almuerzo típico estupendo.
    Resumiendo, es el mejor downhill y enduro personalizado que he probado, es como pedir a la carta en un restaurante el mejor plato y que te salga justo como lo deseabas, solo que en este caso en lugar de un plato de chef te llevas una experiencia física completa, digna de recomendación.

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