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The scenario of the present Mountain Bike Tour is the mountainous region around the beautiful city of Manizales (department of Caldas), considered the city with the highest quality of life in all of Colombia, it is located on hillsides that surround the immaculate whiteness of the Nevado Volcano del Ruiz, the snow-capped Santa Isabel and Cisne. Manizales is recognized in Colombia as the capital of the mountain and among the mountain bikers it is recognized as the capital of the Enduro MTB (All Mountain), since it hides numerous singletracks with the ideal conditions to travel in a safe and fun way.  

This must-see Mountain Bike Tour of All Mountain is composed of eight demanding and challenging singletracks that together add up to 53km of descent through exciting trails.

Nevado de Ruiz | Eje cafetero | Ciclismo | Aventura

These acknowledgments are due to the fact that this city is located in the heart of the central mountain range of Colombia, which is the highest and most complex in terms of its topography. In addition, Manizales is surrounded by mountains, snow-capped peaks, volcanoes and protected areas that preserve amazing Andean forests, cloud forests and paramos. Due to the high topographic complexity of the area, many of the farms and trails around Manizales are connected by trails (singletracks) known locally as “Caminos de Herradura”. 

Enduro Mtb tours trail hunters colombia

The singletracks around Manizales are so exciting and of such high quality to practice All Mountain that they have been the scene of numerous national Enduro MTB and Downhill championships; they have even been the scene of important international races such as the Enduro World Series.



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Eight Singletracks totaling 53.1 km of descent on track

Discover the technical details of the Enduro MTB singletracks that make up the “Manizales Enduro MTB” bike tour. Note the length and extreme drop presented by the Singletracks of La Elvira that will undoubtedly test your technique and physical level. Also note the extreme slope of Bisoño and El Infernal, all a challenge for Enduro MTB.
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¿Qué está incluido?


Snacks and hydration during the bike tour

Transfers and assistance only during the tour

Specialized bilingual Mountain Bike guides (Spanish and English)

Maintenance and basic mechanics of the bike

Photos and videos to tell the world the best experience of your life

Medical assistance card during the tour

Support sticker for the collective Manizales Bike Park


Contact us if you require a bike

Helmet, glasses, gloves, knee protection and elbow protection

Spare parts of damaged bikes during the tour

Maintenance and advanced mechanics of the bike

Transportation to and from Manizales, Colombia

What is not specified runs on your own



Day 1

Welcome to Manizales! The enduro capital MTB of Colombia.

On this exciting day, a total of three high mountain single tracks will descend, which together make a total of 27.6 km of pure descent on the trail. Early in the morning we will travel by car from the city of Manizales to reach the top of the central mountain range in the vicinity of the  Nevado del Ruiz, a place known locally as “Páramo de Letras”, which is located at about 3800 m.a.s.l. In this place we will begin our adventure by bike riding along uncovered paths and roads that cross a unique ecosystem of the tropical Andes. After a few kilometers of riding we will start one of the most exciting, complex and long descents “La Elvira Singletrack“. This singletrack of 16.7 km in length will take us back to the city of Manizales. 

La Elvira is an ancient path loaded with history and culture because it was used by the settlers to cross the central mountain range from the inter-Andean valley of the Magdalena River to the Cauca River valley. The Elvira is a complete singletrack for the practice of Enduro MTB due to the diversity of its terrain and topography; rock gardens, slides, closed curves, slippery areas and slopes that exceed 53.2 ° inclination will fill this day with pure adventure and adrenaline. However, the most surprising thing about La Elvira singletrack is its difference of more than 1581 meters (1.5 km). We will go from the cold of the paramo to the heat of the Sub-Andina forest (coffee zone) in a few hours.

During the descent through the Elvira we will pass by the surroundings of Nevados National Natural park and we will cross important natural reserves of Colombia such as National Natural Reserve of Rio Blanco and the Natural Reserve of the “Licorera de Caldas”. Paramos, Andean forests and creeks will be the scene of one of the best adventures of your life and numerous species of birds and wild mammals will be your best traveling companions. 

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After descending the Elvira and return to the city of Manizales we will realize two singletracks known locally as “Morena” and the “Densa“. These roads are so exciting and of such high quality for the practice of the All Mountain that they have been the scene of numerous national Enduro MTB and Downhill races and even, international races like the Enduro World Series.


Day 2

Manizales Bike Park

No doubt this day will be a great adventure, because we will descend five awesome singletracks that together add 25.1 km of pure descent. Early in the morning we will travel by car to an old town near the city of Manizales called Neira. This town is extremely interesting because it has a main square that preserves houses with the typical architecture of the Antioqueña colonization. Neira is located in the vicinity of a hill called “Cielito lindo”. From this top you have a beautiful view of the city of Manizales and even if we have clear skies we can see the high mountains of the central mountains such as El Ruiz, Santa Isabel, Tolima and El Cisne.

Endur Race singletrack Neira Tour Colombia

From “Cielito Lindo” we will start our bicycle adventure riding on uncovered roads that cross coffee and cattle farms. After a few kilometers of road we will take the entrance of three recognized singletracks for the practice of All Mountain in the region. These are “El Ceilán“, “La Garrucha” and “Llantas“. 

The first singletrack that we will descend is El Ceilán, this is a beautiful singletrack that crosses numerous coffee farms, has a total length of 7.6 km and a vertical drop of 521 meters.

After performing El Ceilán we will have the privilege of descending La Garrucha, a singletrack that crosses livestock and fruit farms. This singletrack has a total length of 3.1 km and a vertical drop of 446 meters. 

Then we will descend Llantas a singletrack in which you will be able to appreciate the coffee culture, since you will pass through many houses and farms with the typical architecture of this region. This singletrack has a total length of 8.4 km and a vertical drop of 850 meters.

Singletrack Trailhunters enduro tour mtb

Finally, we will finish the day with a flourish because we will descend the famous single tracks of “El Bisoño” and “El infernal“, these are trails with extreme slopes and closed curves that will put to the test all your technique and knowledge of the Enduro MTB.

El bisoño and El Infernal are characterized by presenting the largest slopes of all the singletracks that will be covered in this Mountain Bike Tour. Bisoño and El Infernal are tracks that have been the scene of numerous national Enduro MTB and Downhill championships.

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Taking into account that our bike tours are private, the price depends on the number of riders that will be part of your group. Do not worry if you do not have a group, our bike tours are designed to be done even from a single rider.

Contact the Trail Hunters team through the forms found on the website or through the email:, tell us the number of riders who will live this adventure, the chosen bike tour and the date in what you would like to do; A Trail Hunters rider staff will contact you to send you the prices and the corresponding information.

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  1. Massimo from Italy

    I reached out trailhunters for a two days full immersion mountain biking trip in Manizales area. I like to plan my rides in details and then just follow the flow of the day. Paula and I met before to plan the trip. I loved both the attention to details and the flexibility in order to plan the best trip for me. The first day had it all: from challenging climbs to scenic flow single-tracks to bike park trails with jumps and drops. A second day of pure enduro riding, ranging from rough natural trails, rock gardens and super fun ditch trails to the most famous downhill tracks of the area. The specialized camber 27,5 provided was the perfect do-it-all bike for this trip. Of course she suffered a bit on the downhill trails. If you’re planning a pure enduro/downhill tour maybe think about bringing your own bike. Although, I really recommend not to miss the all-mountain trails of the area, impressively beautiful! Simon’s guidance was great and Paula was always there supporting with her beautiful smile!
    Last but not the least, the food and all the tastes of local Colombian culture were amazing! I recommend also to stay at their hostel, great location! As a biking guide myself, I must say these guys are real professionals and deliver a top quality mountain bike experience.

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