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The scenario is incredible for any rider who crosses the tropical Andes, you will be surprised by the diversity of flora and fauna, the typical food of the region and the culture of the farmers. The tour has the perfect conditions for the practice of enduro MTB (all mountain), for its length, challenging technical sections to which the most expert rider can dare and which will be fun and safe for less advanced riders. We will visit the town declared a national monument and architectural heritage of humanity called Salamina, which for its amazing geography has been the protagonist in several consecutive years of “La Leyenda del Dorado” (mountain biking race known as the Everest of mountain biking) and the Colombian Enduro Cup. This tour is composed of four selected high mountain singletracks full of adventure and history that descend from the top of the Colombian central mountain range to the inter-Andean valley of the Cauca River.

The singletracks of this Mountain bike tour have a high historical and cultural value, during almost two centuries these trails were used by the Antioquian settlers to transport themselves by horses between regions, move food and merchandise. These ancient trails are known locally as “Caminos de herradura”.

descenso singletrack el desquite mtbtour

If descending four singletracks seems like little for an Enduro MTB tour, do not be confused, because the most interesting and unique of the present bike tour is that these four trails a total distance of 74.6 km of pure descent in paths. These singletracks are without a doubt the best kept secret that the Colombian Andes has for All Mountain lovers. If you dream doing singletracks of pure descent that exceed 30 km in length and reach 2,000 meters of unevenness, this Mountain bike tour is for you.

Explore the 4 singletracks in this BikeTour


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Four singletracks totaling 74.6 km of descent on track

Discover the technical details of the Enduro MTB singletracks that make up the "La Ruta de los Colonizadores" bike tour. Note the length and extreme drop presented by the singletracks of the Desquite and the Crosses that will undoubtedly test your technique and physical level. Also note the extreme slope of Amoladoras, a challenge for Enduro MTB.
TRAILSDifficulty levelLenght. (KM)Highest elevationLowest elevationElevation lostMaximum slopeAverage slope
ADVANCED35.1 37761624215245.2°10.6°
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What is included?


Snacks and hydration during the bike tour

Transfers and assistance only during the tour

Specialized bilingual Mountain Bike guides (Spanish and English)

Maintenance and basic mechanics of the bike

Photos and videos to tell the world the best experience of your life

Medical assistance card during the tour

Support sticker for the collective Manizales Bike Park

What is not included?

Contact us if you require a bike

Helmet, glasses, gloves, knee protection and elbow protection

 Spare parts of damaged bikes during the tour

Maintenance and advanced mechanics of the bike

Transportation to and from Manizales, Colombia

What is not specified runs on your own



Day 1

“El Desquite”: the best kept secret of the Colombian Andes, one of the longest MTB Enduro trails in all of South America

Early in the morning we will travel by car from the city of Manizales to reach the top of the central mountain range in the vicinity of Nevado del Ruiz, a place known locally as “Páramo de Letras” which is located at about 3800 m.a.s.l. In this place we will begin our adventure in bike riding by uncovered paths and roads that cross a unique ecosystem of the tropical Andes, with a bit of luck and a good eye we will be able to observe wildlife such as the Andean Bear, the Andean Condor, Bearded helmetcrest hummingbird, etc. After a few kilometers of road we will start one of the most exciting descents of Colombia: “El Desquite“, which with its 35.2 km of length is considered one of the longest trails for the Enduro MTB (All Mountain).

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We could consider El Desquite as a complete and integral singletrack for the Enduro MTB due to the diversity of its terrain and topography; rock gardens, slides, closed curves, slippery areas and slopes that can exceed 45.2° of inclination will fill this day with pure adventure and adrenaline. However, the most unique and surprising of El Desquite is its unevenness in altitude of more than 2152 meters (2.1 km). We will go from the cold of the paramo to the heat of the Sub-Andean jungle (coffee zone).

At the end of our bike adventure in El Desquite, on the shore of the majestic Rio Guacaica, we will have a good lunch and recover energy. Then we will travel by car to one of the most beautiful heritage towns in the country: “Salamina” (Caldas department), where we will take a well-deserved rest and prepare ourselves for the emotions of the next day. 


Day 2

Pedaling through the forests of wax palm

Our second day of riding starts early in the morning where we will ascend by car from Salamina to the San Felix village, a small village that is also quiet and beautiful. It is amazing because it has the largest forest of wax palm in the world. Wax palm is considered the highest palm in the world reaching a maximum height of 70 meters and only inhabit the Andean region of Colombia. After crossing the Samaria Valley and knowing first hand the giants of the Andes, we will ride until we reach the entrance of the singletrack known locally as “Las Cruces” which will take us back to Salamina. 

enduro tour mtb Colombia loro orejiamarillo

Las Cruces Trail has a length of more than 25 km, which begins since 3131 and ends at 2332 m.a.s.l, so it has an amazing unevenness in altitude of 1214 meters. Like El Desquite trail, Las Cruces is also considered one of the longest and most uneven singletracks.

Enduro mtb tour camino de salamina

However, the most exciting thing about this singletrack is its sections with areas of extreme slopes that reach great inclinations and that will undoubtedly test your agility and dexterity on the bike. At the end of our bike adventure on Las Cruces trail, we will move back to Salamina village to rest and prepare for the adventure of the next day. 


Day 3

Get to know the trails of the MTB Enduro National Cup of Colombia

This day we will make two recognized singletracks that together have a total of 14.2 km of pure fun, smiles and adrenaline. These are the singletracks known locally as “Camino Real” and “Amoladoras“. The quality and suitability of these trails for the practice of All Mountain has been proven since these have been the scene of the National Enduro Cup of Colombia. 

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Prepare your camera because we will descend through one of the stages of the Colombian Enduro Cup, starting at Camino Real where we will have the opportunity to cross through a part of the forest of wax palms of the region, we will be lucky if we can spot the yellow-eared parrot that surprise us occasionally in our rides. We will descend by fun slopes, curves, slides and livestock farms.

It is a delight to go through that pine forest where we started this dreamed trail of Amoladoras, it is one of the most pleasant tracks, because it is like an amusement park for riders who love the MTB enduro, going from one place to another with those curves through peasant farms dedicated to planting coffee and bananas and ending in a satisfying rock garden where we will finish this excellent day.

At the end of our bike adventure on Camino Real and Amoladoras, we will go back to Salamina to rest and prepare for the return to Manizales.


Taking into account that our bike tours are private, the price depends on the number of riders that will be part of your group. Do not worry if you do not have a group, our bike tours are designed to be done even from a single rider.

Contact the Trail Hunters team through the forms found on the website or through the email:, tell us the number of riders who will live this adventure, the chosen bike tour and the date in what you would like to do; A Trail Hunters rider staff will contact you to send you the prices and the corresponding information.


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