The best MTB mountain bike tours in the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape

Did you know that the Colombian coffee cultural landscape was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on June 25, 2011? This is thanks to the fact that it is an exceptional example of a cultural, sustainable and productive landscape that adapts to unique geographic and natural characteristics in the world and that it has developed an extraordinary culture. Now, can you imagine riding through the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape on two wheels? Without a doubt, it is a unique experience full of memorable moments thanks to our unconditional companion “the bicycle” that takes us to ride in the middle of the coffee plantations and takes us to observe the colourful coffee farms whose unique architecture is a symbol of the region.

Don´t worry if you are not an experienced rider and you are just beginning to fall in love with the adventure of riding on two wheels or on the another hand if you are already a rider who has ride many kilometres because there are tours that adapt to every levels of difficulty, there are tours that contain uncovered roads without much slope and very shallow descents and there are tours of demanding routes and also that become a true adventure. At the end, how do you finish a good ride in this area? The best way is with a good typical lunch of the coffee culture in the best place, in a coffee farm and why not have the fortune of spending the night in one of them in the middle of coffee plantations to recharge energy for the next day of riding ?. Without a doubt, this MTB mountain bike tour through the Colombia coffee cultural landscape will leave you breathless, you will fall in love with each ride and you will want more. What are you waiting for this incredible adventure?