The Andean region of Colombia: the promised land for the All Mountain practice


Our All Mountain tours are rides that combine the effort of a good cross country ride with the excitement of  singletrack descents. Most of the segments we ride on these tours may include different kind of terrains. These tours may contain demanding climbs, crossing sections and descents that can reach the level of a Enduro trail.

Mountain bike tour in Colombia

Where do you want to ride? We have options for all physical and technical levels so you can decide if you want to go to the high páramos of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano or to the warm banks of the Cauca River.

Mountain bike tours in colombia

If you come to Manizales, go and get to know “El paisaje cultural cafetero” by bike. Do not worry if you do not have a bicycle we provide everything you need to have the best of adventures in the “City of open doors”.


el desquite mountain bike tour in colombia

Travesía el Desquite

  • 35.2 km of distance
  • 1360 m of elevation gain
  • Intermediate-high level of difficulty

This tour is perfect for riders who want to live a bike day and have fun. Due to the diversity of its terrain and topography will fill this day with pure adventure and adrenaline.

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Mountain bike tours in Colombia

Ruta de las mulas

  • 85 km of distance
  • Intermediate level of difficulty

If you are one of those cyclists who want an epic adventure, remote roads, mix with the local culture and live a good ride this is the perfect tour for you

Descenso tour mtb enduro colonizadores

Colonizadores route

  • 4 singletracks included
  • 74.6 km of singletracks
  • Elevation lost: 4846 m
  • Intermediate level of difficulty

It will be the best adventure of your life to descend with us through the royal roads around one of the most beautiful heritage towns of Colombia: Salamina (Caldas department). 

Mountain bike tours in Colombia

Trochas y café

If you are a rider looking for a weekend getaway in a truly incredible place and combine it with a good bike ride, this is the tour you are looking for

mountain bike tour in Colombia

Ruta al cielo

  • 30 km of distance 
  • 1200 m of elevation gain
  • Intermediate level of difficulty

This tour is perfect for riders who want to live a bike day and like to pedal through different terrains and live a little touch of adrenaline.

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Arriero Trails

  • 14 singletracks included
  • 138.6 km of singletracks
  • Elevation lost: 11249 m
  • Advanced level of difficulty

If Colombia is one of the best places for enduro, the coffee region of this country is the heaven. Take your bike and  let’s go to descend the singletracks of Caldas and Quindío department.