Length 6130.8 (mts)
Highest elevation 2775 (mts)
Lowest elevation 1984 (mts)
Average elevation 2365 (mts)
Elevation lost 791 (mts)
Maximum slope  29.4°
Average slope 9.3°
Mountain bike tours in Eje Cafetero
Loose rock 25%
Steep area 30%
closed corners 15%
Loose earth 25%
Roots on the road 30%

Difficulty level: ADVANCED

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Arriero Trails

  • 14 singletracks included
  • 138.6 km of singletracks
  • Elevation lost: 11249 m
  • Advanced level of difficulty

If Colombia is one of the best places for enduro, the coffee region of this country is the heaven. Take your bike and  let’s go to descend the singletracks of Caldas and Quindío department.